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?HE   ^MAKING    OF    A    "BRAVE

the pole he draws his blanket completely over him
In a squatting position^ and thus hidden from
view, fastens the nest at the top of the pole. Then
comes the final part of building the lodge: five
braves rush up and grab the big pole., with the
medicine-man still clinging to the top, and place
It in the hole. The medicine-man is now about
fifteen feet above the ground.* and if he should
fall, that would be a sign that the sun did not look
favourably upon the dance., and all proceedings
would be stopped at once* But we never saw
that happen.

Now comes the interesting part of the Sun
Dance. All of the young men who are to be
made 'braves*, come walking into the lodge,
stripped down to their breech-cloths. The medi-
cine-man drops from his precarious perch at the
top of the pole and goes to his medicine para-
phernalia and takes out a long, sharp knife and
several hundred feet of rawhide thong. He takes
up a position beside the small medicine fire, and
one by one the young men come before him and

The medicine-man runs the sharp knife into the
left breast of the man in front of him and makes a
long, deep gash. Then he pulls it out and makes
a similar gash about an inch and a half from the
first one. Now he runs the knife under the flesh
between these two gashes, and while he holds his